Captain Dynamics!

Captain Dynamics is here to Save the Day!

Here I am to

Save the Day!

I wrestle with Dynamics 365 every day. I know its tricky secrets and hidden traps. Follow my adventures as I confront the Super Villains at Microsoft and beat them at their own game!

Avoid Hidden Pitfalls

Too many times you start down a path that seems to be the way you want to go only to find the changes you’ve made stop you from doing something else. I collect those little ‘Gotcha’s!’ in my blog with hints for how to avoid the issue altogether.

Spot Hidden Features

Find Special Features

How many hours have you spent on search engines trying to find just what setting does what? That’s probably how you got here. Each time I find a a cool feature or a neat trick, I’ll write it up in my blog so others can find it too.

I’ve been a trainer and an IT specialist for over forty years now and I still get a kick out of finding new stuff and passing it on. Follow my adventures in the CRM Dynamics space and feel free to post your own experiences.