System Configuration

If you’re just getting started or you’ve been running with Dynamics for years, I can help you set up the Out of the Box products or create customized Entities that mesh with your current business processes

Interactive Training

It’s not enough to have a zip-zap system, your staff needs to know how it works and how to do their jobs. Before I got started in IT, I ran a technical training company and I have produced many teaching resources

Web Services

I got started in IT building online search engines for AT&T and a number of Yellow Pages publishers — back in the day when we still used paper directories. The web sites I built won industry awards and I have gone on to create a range of online business processes to collect and present data

Business Process Design

Data is one thing. Knowing what to do with it is another. I’ve worked for a Fortune 1000 company and various small businesses. I know how to spot the opportunities that can make a business thrive and build the tools needed to maximize ROI

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