Field Service Plug-In

I’ve spent the last several weeks struggling with our new Field Service plug-in, trying to make sense of how it all works and set it up in a way that will be useful to us without having to adjust a million different settings. Not much luck in the last area. Microsoft does love those nested privileges. Set this, and by the way, we won’t tell you this, you’ll have to find it on some diligent bugger’s blog, you also need to set that, or it won’t work.

Case in point: Giving someone the privileges they need to drag and drop Scheduling Blocks on the Scheduling Board. You’d think that given that person the Dispatcher role would do it, right? But you’d be wrong.

You’d think that assigning the Role to the User would be enough, right?

You also have to go into the Field Security Profiles, select the Field Service — Dispatcher Role and add the user to the list of users for this role. Is this item anywhere in Microsoft’s documentation? Not that I can find. It’s on a forum, but this is so typical of Microsoft. They tell you only half of what you need to know to make it work and then you have to find the rest yourself.

But no. You have to assign the the User to the Role as well!

Don’t worry. Captain Dynamics is on the job, finding all these little Gotcha’s! — so you don’t have to.

Stay tuned!

Captain Dynamics!